” Art is the illusion of spontaneity”- Japanese Proverbs

1. Where did the word art originate from?

The word “art” comes from the Latin word “artem”, the Old English “eart”, the Middle English “art”, and the Old French “art”.


Although the exact origin of the word “art” is unknown, we can affirm the endlessness of the word art.

2. Who is the first artist?

Bhimbetka Caves

One of the oldest prehistoric art ever unearthed dated around 700,000 BCE and was discovered in two ancient quartzite caves in Madhya Pradesh region of central India.

Bhimbetka and Daraki-Chattan Cupules3 (290-700,000 BCE)

Cave art was popular during the early days of history and conceivably the precious thing that is preserved from the existence of time.

The oldest ancient art designer may not be known to us today but has conveyed a powerful evidence of the timelessness of art.

3. What is the 3 other oldest recorded art in history?

More and more unknown arts are being explored and interpreted. These findings continue to amaze and amuse the curiosity of each individual. It may be older than the artefacts presented below:

Venus of Berekhat Ram (230-700,000 BCE)
Venus of Tan-Tan (200,000- 500,000 BCE)
Blombos Cave Engravings (70,000 BCE)

4. How much does it worth?

The quoted price for these artefacts if and only if ever sold is beyond any value. The earliest and most expensive work of art sold and documented according to The Guardian is the work of art by Paul Gauguin, When Will You Marry. This was sold for almost  US $300M in 2015.

When Will You Marry? by Paul Gauguin


5. Art in Art

Art continues to evolve and will still be here even when we leave this planet earth. Art will advance, flourish and thrive in many forms and shapes. The value sealed with the art makes it a unique masterpiece.

The passion and commitment dedicated to accomplishing such a masterpiece is the core value of an art. Art stirs the imagination and judgement of the individual and livens up all the senses.

“Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.” -Louise Nevelson



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